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Online Coaching

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If you're looking for motivation, accountability and great workouts that are handed to you 3 times a week, then you're in the right spot! Not only will you receive 3 workouts a week with the individual or group training, you will also get video guides that show you correct form. In addition to all this, you'll receive supplemental workout ideas if you want more than 3 workouts a week. There are a couple different training options:

  • One-on-one training with workouts specifically customized for your needs and goals.
  • Group training with a facebook group to keep you accountable, perfect for moderate beginner to advanced.

>>> IMPORTANT: Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to a waiver that needs to be signed in order to begin training. I recommend completing this ASAP so you can get started right away without delay.<<<

Other options:

  • $25 for 5 workouts. Don't want to belong to a FB group, or just need a couple workout ideas? Pay this one-time $25 fee and you'll receive 5 workouts via email within 48 hours. Make sure you specify which level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) you would like in your purchasing questionnaire.
  • BULK RATE: If you want to commit and see some awesome, results, then purchase the 3-month or 6-month option. I strongly encourage going subsequent months, but realize life happens sometimes. :) We do allow a "one-month vacation" during your bulk packages if you need it.
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Curious what you'll get with each option? Here's a little more information for you.

One-on-One Training $150/month

  • Customized workouts specific for your goals. You will received 3 customized workouts each week with video explanations.
  • Help with food and nutritional feedback so you can be sure to reach your goals sooner!
  • Limited space available as I want to make sure you received the attention you deserve!

Group Training (Moderate Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced) as low as $27/month- sold in 1 month, 3 month & 6 month options

  • You will be in a group setting with people that have similar goals as you do. You get to cheer on each other and hold each other accountable as you're doing the same workouts.
  • You received 3 workouts a week, with video explanations, which will be the same workouts that everyone else in the group will receive. They will be tailored to the goals laid out for the group (see below) and are perfect if you just want to be handed workouts that you can do anywhere with just your hand weights, and see results.
  • Think of this as more of a smaller group exercise class format, rather than a one-on-one personal training. I will be here to cheer you on, address any form questions or concerns. There will be no diet or food feedback with this offering. If you're interested in nutritional feedback, please purchase the one-on-one training.

Moderate Beginner

  • Been working out for at least a few weeks doing cardio workouts, and are ready to step it up a notch.
  • Would like to loose weight and inches, tone and increase endurance.
  • Enjoy doing interval workouts and don't like doing the same workout over and over. We switch it up every day!
  • Need accountability to get the workouts done and feel encouraged to eat better.

Intermediate/Advanced Group Training

  • Want to be pushed and like challenging workouts.
  • Would like to loose weight and inches, tone and increase endurance.
  • Enjoy doing interval workouts and don't like doing the same workout over and over. We switch it up every day!
  • Need accountability to get the workouts done and feel encouraged to eat better.

This is Mrs. A. We've been working together for 4 months and she's lost 26.5 lbs. and 21 inches. Amazing, right?! In her own words....

“Wow! That’s exactly how I describe my fitness experience with Deb Averett Fitness. In three months, I have lost 26.5 pounds and a total of 21 inches!! That includes the dreaded holidays. I survived the holiday season of feasting without gaining an ounce!

Before starting my workouts with Deb, I would not describe myself as an active person. I’m a mom of three young children and work full-time outside the home. To say I’m busy is an understatement. I wanted to change my inactive lifestyle to keep up with my growing and very energetic family. But for that to happen, I needed a program that was flexible. That could be done with little to no equipment and could be completed in less than 60 minutes.

Going into a chain gym was too intimidating for me. I’ve done that and I didn’t see the results. Most likely, I didn’t get results because I was just putting in 30-60 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical. Trust me, you won’t see much of either of those with Deb.

To say Deb Averett Fitness has gotten me out of my comfort zone is an understatement. What I love about Deb’s workouts is you can do them anywhere. So, if I’m unexpectedly not at work due to a sick child or other game-changers, I can still get my workout in at home or even while on vacation. I have even gotten my kiddos involved!

The workouts are challenging in a good way. Many of them, you can do at your pace until you have increased your fitness level. Deb provides great videos for each exercise. Each video shows you a number of ways to modify the exercise to your fitness level and/or increase it for a more challenging workout. You decide!

There are so many things this program has done for me: lost weight, lost inches, more comfortable in my body. However, I’m most proud of my kids seeing their mom exercise, eating healthy and having fun with them! Jump right in!! What do you have to lose except weight and inches? And trust me, you will lose both with Deb Averett Fitness!”

I love working with you, Mrs. A, and we are going to show 2015 who is boss!!! If you're serious about seeing results these next few months, join me!

at home hiit workouts.jpg

"I'm loving the workouts!! I dread them with a weird excitement! Being a huge insanity and t25 fan I didn't think anything could get me better results then insanity but I was wrong! I've dropped 11 pounds {in August}, I haven't measured myself but I know I've lost inches!"


Ms. R started the program in August and has lost 23 lbs!!! Not only that, she has gained a ton of muscle and has rebuilt her body. You're looking amazing, girl! So proud of you!!


Meet Mrs. M. She has been doing the program for 5 months and has lost 15.5 inches and 14.5 lbs. She has 5 (FIVE!!) children and she is looking incredible! Way to go!!

"I honestly love everything about the program! Being a VERY busy Mom having time to go to the gym is next to impossible. I like being able to workout at home (on my time) AND get the support of other amazing ladies to motivate me to do more! I love how the workouts are always unique and target literally every body part! I look forward to DAF Days! Strong is the new sexy and DAF will get you there if follow the program and have the determination to change your life!" -Jenny S.


"Deb's workouts are straightforward, easy to use, and really pushed me to work harder without taking up any more time than my usual workouts. I loved that she stayed connected with us throughout the process, and made it personal and even fun!" -Cami F.

"Deb is awesome! Just in 2 weeks I have seen AMAZING results from her online fitness program! I won't lie the workouts are not easy and I had to push myself to finish at times, but the results I've seen are 100% worth every drop of sweat and sore muscle I had along the way!" -Jenny S. (pictured above- she lost 4 lbs. in 2 weeks)

"Deb is an awesome motivator! Her workouts are very difficult but also a lot of fun, and there's a huge sense of accomplishment after they're done! I KNOW my body will change for the better if I follow Deb's workouts!" -Jeannie S.

Sample Workout

WOD-- Tabata Style Workout

tabata style workout.jpg

I don't know if you've heard anything about Tabata, but it's an interval style of training. It's 20 seconds on (work) and 10 seconds rest. So that's exactly what you'll be doing for the circuit portion of this workout. I recommend using a timer, if possible.

-Dumbbells (3-5 lbs.)
-OPTIONAL: Yoga Mat (or beach towel), Bench (or stairs)

ESTIMATED TIME: 40 minutes (including warm-up)


Q & A

If I enroll in the program how many workouts do I get every week?

You will receive 3 workouts a week, but if you're wanting more (depending on your goals), I have a list of supplemental workouts that I recommend.

Are these workouts scheduled?

The beauty of these workouts is that you can do them on YOUR own time and schedule! I post the workouts for the group trainings on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, but if you would rather do them Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays, that's fine by me!

How are the workouts delivered?

Once you purchase the program, you will be added to a private board where the workouts are posted just as the sample workout is above. I will give you a list of the workout you will doing (the image above) and video instruction for each of the exercises in that day's workout that review proper form and technique. Most subscribers review the videos before the workout and then use the image as a guide during the workout. No more listening to the same workout video over and over... crank up YOUR music and enjoy the ride! If you are doing group trainings, you have others in the group with you cheering you on and holding you accountable. If you're doing a one-on-one training, I'm there to hold you accountable and cheer you on.

What equipment do I need for the program?

  • A set of dumbbells (3-8 lbs. to start)
  • Yoga mat or beach towel (optional)
  • Bench, chair or steps (optional)
  • Timer- your phone timer will do
  • Water

What results can I expect from this program?

You will get what you put in! If you're eating right (I give you a few meal plans that I like) and you're doing the workouts how I prescribe them, the average person loses 2-12 lbs. in the first month. (Results will vary depending on your diet, hormone levels, and activity level).

If you have any other questions, please email me at debaverett AT gmail DOT com.