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What clients have to say:

"In case you're wondering- no diet pills or supplements. Just a good balanced nutrition plan combined with some intense workouts and discipline! And while the workouts were hard, any one can do this!!!! Thanks Deb!!!! I could not have done this without the great program you put together! You ROCK! I'm not quite done yet, but an amazing start!" -Ms. B, Castle Rock, CO

"The meal plan is extremely easy to follow as Deb lays out recipes, and they are super delicious. I am so happy I did the program, I made more progress in 6 weeks than I have in over 8 months on my own." -Shannon D., Castle Rock, CO

"I have always worked out, but I got to a plateau where nothing I did made a difference on the scale! I had problems finding the right nutrition and exercise mix, but more importantly, I didn't have any accountability. With Deb, I now have an easy to follow and efficient program that increases my fitness, and decreases my cravings for all the wrong foods! I no longer open the pantry or refrigerator door and "try" to select the right food; Deb provides easy to make recipes with the right combination of protein, fiber and good fats. The workouts are great as a stand alone, or as a supplement to your existing routine. Deb is a low stress coach, but does hold you accountable to your goals. I would recommend the program to those just starting an exercise program, as well as those who need to establish better habits. Be ready to watch that scale move!" -Tamara W., Castle Rock, CO

"A huge shout out to Deb Averett. 7 weeks into her online classes and I'm down 7 lbs and I've lost 5.75 inches." -Marisa K., Pawnee City, Nebraska

"Words can't describe how awesome Deb's workouts are! She does an amazing job! She is always well prepared and pushes you to do your best in a positive and upbeat manner!! I always look forward to the workouts and I never leave disappointed." - Brittany B., Castle Rock, Colorado

"Deb has great workouts! She is very motivating & changes things up to keep it interesting. She is proof that eating better and moving gets results!!" - Holli L., Castle Rock, Colorado

"Love coming to Deb's classes and get seriously bummed when I know I have to miss. Not only are the classes fun, and different each time, they give you the best workout. Heart rate stays up, you stay moving, just enough breaks to grab a drink and catch your breath and back to work you go. There are days I have to mentally push to get through, but knowing I finished it is the best reward. You can tell that Deb puts a lot of effort into each week's routines and she makes sure for that one hour you are getting as much out of her as she is getting out of you :) Plus the ladies that come out rock, it is always a positive atmosphere!" - Shannon V., Castle Rock, Colorado

"I ran for 4 months and only lost 2 pounds the entire time. 1 week with Deb and I'm down 4.5 lbs. I haven't ran at all, thanks to my knee. I'm hoping to start it up again next week and hopefully the pounds will melt off and running will be that much easier!" -Marisa K., Pawnee City, Nebraska

“I just want to say Thank You to Deb for giving me the motivation and drive to challenge myself. I love working out and Deb has made it soooo much more fun!! Without you Deb I couldn't of ROCKED this [race]!! Thanks for making me feel strong mentally and physically!!” –Jenny S., Omaha, Nebraska

"I'm loving the workouts!! I dread them with a weird excitement! Being a huge insanity and t25 fan I didn't think anything could get me better results then insanity but I was wrong! I've dropped 11 pounds {in one month}!" -Mikayla H., Ogallala, Nebraska

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